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"Truth is stranger than fiction" = I am a (heterosexual) SuperModel and author of this eBook, 101 Secrets to Boost FICO Credit Scores. Not that there's anything wrong with being gay, I am just 100% heterosexual.

Credit Secret #1
Fico credit score execs will lie to you via "MyFico" and say the average FICO is 723. For example, Craig Watts :-)

FICO secret #2

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FTC says, "Experian Equifax and Trans Union must mail you your credit reports"

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Secret #7: I hijacked the twitter account name FreeCreditRepor and point it to the really free credit reports "Annual Credit Report dot com". Its like the fact that Iceland is green and Greenland is all ice


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08-07-14: I actually hate my credit knowledge and fame.

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Credit score repair is simple, simple compared to hosting a $200,000.00 "Web 2.0 Summit Party" for zero money. Yup, its not urban legend... There are photos here, here and here. I merged and acquired a VC party with my party.

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I am the same "larry chiang" as the legendary one in the bay area startup community. Yes, I got VCs to pay us to pitch us. It is called "Reverse VC pitch". Normally, we beg to pitch VCs and they're mean to us.
Secret #23

Abnormally, I turned the status quo on its ear by having VCs pay money to pitch us on why we should take their money. This really happened.

Your FICO score will really get better too.

I executed 650 steps. Nope, there is no ebook on that! #ENGR145

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I mentor students at elite universities. Specifically, engineers, helping them self-fund. My nerf gun shoots down credit myths at SXSW and helps pro NFL athletes.

I helped my friend with a law degree from Stanford University get an Amex credit card by first repairing his FICO